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But, a tool is only as good as its user, and the full power of Revit can only be unleashed with a better understanding of its various functions. You can pin objects by selecting the pin object icon under the Modify Tab, or by typing PN while object is selected. Pinned objects can also be set to not select or highlight when the cursor highlights over the pinned object. This is helpful when an extremely large external Revit model is linked to the working Revit model. Revit tries to visually highlight any elements that your cursor hovers over, and may take up some processing time when highlighting an extremely detailed element. Toggle it back on when you need to make adjustments to the pinned element. Pinned objects will show a thumbtack when selected. Clicking the thumbtack will unpin the object. The default view to be opened is the Last Viewed. You can change this to a set view. To improve the boot up of Revit, create a new view or choose an existing view that does not display a lot of detail. This reduces the processing time of the Revit file and lets you start working on the project much more quickly. Use the Filter function to your advantage. Drag Select a region that will select all the elements you wish to select. Click the Filter button under the Modify Tab and uncheck all irrelevant objects. Click OK and the objects that were left checked will be selected. This trick is especially useful in locating imported CAD Drawings that did not import to a correct scale. Simply type ZE to Frame all objects in the model space within the window and select all objects in the view. Filter and only check the box for the externally referenced CAD File.


May 20,  · Hi, I plan to buy Revit. We will choose one of the two version: Revit (one box) Revit Architecture I have a few question about the license as well as the two versions: Is there any difference of license between the two versions? Is that allow for multiple user usage?、 I prefer Revit one box which includes three disciplines. Autodesk Revit CONSTANTIN STROESCU, architect. CONSTANTIN STROESCU. architect. contributions. posts; Report this article? 0 / CANCEL REPORT. EMBED. Embed This Screencast. To embed this Screencast, choose a size. Visit Revit Products forum. Revit Products Ideas. Share and vote on ideas for future product releases. Jun 20,  · All members of the team must collaborate using the same version/file format. This course was authored using Revit Therefore, its exercise files can be used with any flavor of Revit (Architecture, MEP, Structure, or LT) and later. Files cannot be .

How to Choose Which Version of Revit 2014 to Buy?


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