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Adding fillets to the edges is easy. I add a thin feature, turning my cylinder into a cup see Figure 2. For the most part, it seems to be largely mouse driven and the features are accessible from the main panel at the top.

Figure 2. Easy extrusions in Solid Edge. The hole feature seems quite user friendly. Clicking on this option allows a hole of specified geometry and features such as a countersunk to be dragged and dropped onto the main part.

The graphics window shows how the hole will appear on the part in real time see Figure 3. Figure 3. Visual, real-time hole placement in Solid Edge.

It depends what you are used to. You can see a video on how to use the sweep function here: How does ST9 compare? Well, in terms of the engine, ST9 is using the NX Nastran solver , which is one of the better finite element analysis FEA solvers, given that Nastran has been around for decades and has had time to be improved.

I just want to run a simple simulation to see how intuitive the process is. I take my cylinder, and then click the simulation tab on the top ribbon. The simulation ribbon is fairly intuitive, and reading the icons from left to right, it gives a good indication of the sequential workflow see Figure 4.

The software GUI guides the user from the start left to the end goal, which is clearly the solve icon. Figure 4. The simulation ribbon in Solid Edge.

After setting my material, forces, constraints and so on, I am ready to run the simulation. I click the mesh button and I am given the option to just mesh, or to mesh and solve. I choose a mesh size, and then select to mesh and solve. If there are any errors present, a geometry inspector window will open, and will then allow you to browse through a geometry tree to determine where the error has occurred.

You can either alter your mesh size, or even go back to the model geometry to fix it and mesh again. In ST9, the identification of faults in much more intuitive. Figure 5 shows the Geometry Inspector. Figure 5. Geometry Inspector in ST9. I run my simulation, and I can see a few different display options. I can animate, screen capture, change plot type von Mises, displacement, etc. The displacement plot in Solid Edge is shown in Figure 6. Figure 6. Displacement plot in Solid Edge.

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Apr 6, - I think people who buy CAD do some research, especially if they will be .. YES, but I think ST6 will not only address that but make Solid Edge. Solid Edge ( is also a mid-range product from UGS (now owned by Siemens AG), the same company that makes the high-end NX package. It is comparable to The current release is Solid Edge ST6. Listed next are some. This petition has received 0 signatures. Click here to buy Siemens Solid Edge ST6 (bit): .

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